Saturday, 7 July 2018

Remember the Things Before you Start a Dubai Tour

Identify the best time for Dubai Visit

Dubai have two type of seasons Hot and Hotter. The months between October and April is famous for winter season. The sky will be perfect for the tour. It is also rainy seoson. But the rain will not long
last. So it will not affect your travel.

Book the Flights in advance

This does not mean you should book your flight tickets so early. But ticket charges will be vary based upon time and holidays. So you can compare ticket prices and book the flight tickets when the rates are cheaper.

Arrange the stay in advance

Dubai is famous vacation spot. Most tourists are visiting on the winter season. So there will be huge demand for hotels and rooms. So it is better to book the rooms in advance.

Show respect while you visit on Ramadan Time.

Give maximem respect to Muslims and their practice of fasting. So do not eat, drink or smoke in public in front of Muslims between sunrise and sunset.

Take permission before taking photos

Never take stranger photos especially Muslim woman's photos without there prior permission. Do not take photos of any , military installations, airports, government buildings, etc.

Take Care from Public Displays of Affection

Public displays of affection is punishable in UAE. You will be arrested and imprisoned. So your travel will be safe when you dont kiss or holding hands in Public

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