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The Maldives is an archipelagic nation in the middle of the Indian Ocean attracting tourists from all around the world. The Maldives is a dream destination for many travelers, Maldives honeymoon tour packages from Kochi. The tranquil beaches are the main attraction to the tourists come to the Maldives.  The Maldives is made up of 26 coral atolls that fragmented into 1192 islands. Tourism is the main industry of this country. Many islands, more than 80 of the inhabited islands are designed to attract tourists. There are two types of islands in the Maldives, public and private. If you are dreaming of an amazing honeymoon holiday and prefer utmost luxury and privacy, Maldives honeymoon packages from Kochi, it’s good to choose a stay in an exclusive private island resort. But if you are budget conscious, stay in a public or local island and enjoy island hopping from there. The public beaches are gorgeous too. Enjoy exciting water sports in the Maldives, spend your Maldives watersports holidays in windsurfing, diving, snorkeling, cataraman sailing and other paddle sports. 

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