Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Top 3 Perfect Destinations to Visit in Southeast Asia This Year

The southeast part of Asia is the home to several mesmerising and exotic experiences in the areas from Indonesia to Thailand. This year, you may have to take a turn or stop by at these beautiful must visit places of this region of the continent and experience the time of your life that can treasure some beautiful unforgettable memories. The diverse culture, amusing sceneries, exquisite cuisine and the hospitable people makes your time worth it in these place. Here are those 5 perfect spots to visit:

1.    Bali, Indonesia
It is the most visited and Exotic Island in Indonesia, Bali tour packages from Kochi. It offers a diverse mix of hospitable people and a breath-taking visual treat throughout your stay. But it’s not all about the beach, rather the adventurous sights and the major towns in the place are a true fascinating experience.

2.    Mount Kinabalu, Malaysia
The third tallest mountain in Southeast Asia awaits all climbers and campers. You need not have training to climb, but if you have the strength and stamina to climb up the thinning air, it is a must to get to those peaks.

3.    Bangkok, Thailand
A tourist-friendly shopping destination offered here is an exciting experience between the chaos and the congestions, Thailand tour packages from Kochi. The popular Sukhumvit area is a hub of shops selling different items like clothes, jewellery and art at a reasonably cheaper rates. Another market called the Chatuchak Weekend Market offers almost head to toe items in the area being the world’s largest outdoor markets.

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