Thursday, 28 June 2018

6 Interesting Ways to Document Your Travels

Are you planning to go abroad, great, you will have many memorable experiences. Which is your dream place to go, is it Malaysia, book for Malaysia tour packages from Kochi. Do you have a habit of documenting your travel. It's great to relive your experience later. Here are some tips to document your travels  

1.    Keep a paper journal
It’s a different experience to keep a paper journal,, write in a fun & personal way.

2.    Start a blog
Document your travels in the digital world by starting a travel blog. Share your unique experiences with others via a blog. Enjoy creating a space of your own on the internet.

3.    Travel photography
Take better travel photos and do a fun photo series. The photo collection will definitely bring back your travel memories.

4.    Social Media
Use social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, snapchat, twitter etc. to document & share your travels and enjoy the fun in it.

5.    Video Montage
Document your travels with videos. Turn your travel memories into beautiful videos.

6.    Ticket Collage
Making a ticket collage of all the transportation tickets that you have collected during your trip is really interesting, right? Enjoy the fun in making a ticket collage.

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