Monday, 26 February 2018


Bali, the magical Indonesian island offers many world class beach clubs. The heavenly fusion of sun, sea, and sand is just the start of the day in a beach clubs in Bali. Bali tour packages from Kochi, Bali is home to some of the most fun beach clubs in South East Asia. Just this reason is ample to attract tourists from all over the world to this amazing Indonesian Island. Top rated beach clubs in Bali are

1.    Ku De Ta

2.    Surf & Turf Beach Club

3.    Birdhouse Beach Club

4.    Potato Head Beach Club

5.    Sandy Bay Beach Club

6.    Le Pirate Beach Club

7.    Finn’s Beach Club

8.    Karma Beach Bali

9.    Azul Beach Clu

10.    Mahagiri Lembongan Beach Club

11.    SKAI Beach Club

12.    Sakala Beach Club

13.    HQ Beach Club

14.    Jimbaran Beach Club

15.    Komune Beach Club

16.    Paon Beach Club

17.    Vue Beach Club

Enjoy the delicious world-class cuisine and drinks prepared by expert bartenders at these beach clubs in Bali, Bali tour packages from Kerala. These beachside dining and chill out venues add color to your holiday vacation in Bali. Enjoy the gorgeous Bali sunsets, cheap Bali packages. Bali, one of the most loved destinations for a perfect vacation.

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