Friday, 1 December 2017

Visit The beauty of Asia: Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia - tour packages from Kerala

Kuala Lumpur

A vacation in Thailand is an excellent way to spend your holidays with your family. Pattaya, Phuket, Krabi and Koh Samui are the famous tourist places in the dazzling country, and it intrigue tourists from all around the world. Over the years, grandiose landscape, alluring elegance & beauty of the region has transformed Thailand into a leading tourist destination. Book for Thailand honeymoon tour packages from Kerala from Fortune tours. Thailand opens all its secrets & beauty to those who wish to leave behind the stresses and tensions of everyday life. Thailand Tour Packages from Kochi usually include airfare, accommodation with meals, sightseeing and lots more. Leave all worries regarding the travel to Fortune tours, top package tour operator in Kochi, except for the packing of your baggage. Enjoy with your family at your dream vacation spots, explore the “Land of Smile’.

Singapore is another unique country in Southeast Asia which is also a world-famous tourist destination. It is a stunning and jazzy location with state of the art technology and innovation. Singapore is also known for their alluring hospitality too. Singapore and the Malaysia is a forward-looking nation blessed with rich natural possessions, immense rainforest tracts, immaculate sand beaches and famed cuisine. Check out the many Singapore Malaysia Tour Packages from Kerala available in the market which offers what you expect from them. Offering the fervor and camaraderie of Asia, it provides a great freedom to witness the east meets west culture. If you are looking for a Singapore Malaysia honeymoon holiday then Singapore Malaysia honeymoon tour packages from Kochi is the right option for you. It includes an alluring attraction for adventurers & explorers. Malaysia is a land of many cultures, wonders, and attractions. Malaysia is ranked 9th in the world for tourist influx. For Singapore sometimes the number of tourists will be more than the number of people in the city.

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand is very famous of all the cities of the country; it has myriad of tourist attractions such as historical sites, floating markets, ornate temples and domestic lifestyles along the canals. Nakhon Pathom is the town that blusters the tallest Buddhist pagoda in Thailand and in the world. Thailand honeymoon tour packages from Kochi take you the world-famous tourist attraction in the South East Asia. They are becoming popular with tourists because there posses myriad of interesting places that attract the tourists.Its calm and unpolluted environment will refresh and re-energize you. The finest weather, the awesome mountainous scenery, the fame Thai cuisine and the rich northern Thai culture are its highlights. Also a tour to Singapore also emblazons an interesting blend of classical Chinese, Malay and Hindu cultures that have blended so admirably in this country. A multi-cultural destination Singapore Malaysia Tour Packages, it has much more to offer than just shopping and visiting. 

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